Welcome to Divine Doggie Care, the ultimate in loving care for your canine companion. Divine Doggie Care is a full service dog care company, dedicated to meeting all of your furry friend's needs! At Divine Doggie Care we believe that dogs are important members of the family who need to be cared for on all levels of their being, just like humans do. Regular exercise and plenty of love and attention are crucial to your dog's physical, mental and emotional health. Divine Doggie Care understands that in today's busy world many people struggle to find the time to exercise and play with their dogs, and often have to leave them at home for long hours during the workday. We also know that it is important to you that your loyal companion receives the best care available when you are at work, play, or out of town. Divine Doggie Care can help! From one on one walks during the day to overnight stays while you are away, Divine Doggie Care is committed to providing the highest quality of loving care for your canine companion. With Divine Doggie Care, you can rest assured that you best friend's well-being, safety and happiness is our number one priority.